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Explore Porto with Elena on the Road: your gateway to sustainable and cultural tourism in Portugal. Founded by Elena Ferraro, an Italian passionate about traveling and expert in turism, together with Juan Carlos Carvajal, Chilean and former elite cyclist, this company is dedicated to offering you the best cycle tourism and bike rental experience in association with By Cycling in Matosinhos.


I'm Elena Ferraro, tour guide and co-founder of Elena OnTheRoad.
I'm Italian, I come from Naples and I bring with me the joyfulness of my land, the love for history, art and music.

Since I was a child my keyword has been travel, conceived as getting to know new places, cultures and humanity, so as soon as I graduated I immediately got busy and moved in London ... Later I chose to live in this wonderful country that is Portugal at the end of 2019. It was a lucky choice, I fell in love with this country by visiting cities, villages, parks, beaches and valleys, and now I can't wait to tell you about it!

My mission is to share with you my passion for travel and rediscovery. The keyword of my tours “is to experience” your journey, “to breath” the culture and history in it, "be aware and conscious” about the Porto reality so that you will come back home regenerated and with an internal reflection afterwards (something that a classic tourist tour already made up couldn't provide you) 

If requested, I include interactive experiences in the tours such as workshops of azulejos and pastel de nata, wine & cheese tastings, private and group tours in Porto and day excursions in the major cities of north/central Portugal. I can personalize your tour of Porto as you like.
I await you with open arms! 

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Hello, I am Juan Carlos Carvajal Vargas, co-founder of "Elena on the Road", Professional cyclist and bicycle mechanic, whose passion transcends the limits of my work.


Chilean by birth, I found in Porto, Portugal, not only a home but also a vast terrain of exploration and adventure. A fluent speaker of Spanish, English and Portuguese, I communicate with the world as skillfully as I handle my mechanic's tools and my bicycle.

Since I was 9 years old, thanks to my family, I have been inseparably linked to cycling and nature, a love that has only grown with each pedal stroke and trip. My experience in cycling is extensive, which has allowed me to acquire knowledge deep into not only the mechanics of bicycles, but also the incredible feeling of freedom that outdoor activities offer. This passion has led me to travel, discover new cultures and immerse myself in the limitless beauty of nature.


In "Elena on the Road", I will try with all my soul to contribute not only my technical expertise, but also an infectious enthusiasm for outdoor tourism. My vision is to offer unique and unforgettable experiences that combine the excitement of cycling with cultural and natural exploration. With me, each trip is an opportunity to discover, learn and, above all, enjoy the journey with the same passion and dedication that has marked my life.

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